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Contrary to 'mail'order companies we offer you the possibility of shipping plants as a service. This means that we do not have to calculate the very high cost of a nice looking printed catalogue. We bring into account the real costs we experience for the shipping of the plants. So the plants whe ship are the same price as the plants that are collected at our nursery. Of course the cost of the packing and shipping are added to your bill..

We normally ship plants by mailorder service ("Kilopost from the Belgian Post Service"). We normally ship only plants with nude roots as this reduces the costs. Also most potgrown plants can be mailed (P9) or as we wash of the soil. Of course the roots are packed so that the roots are kept moist, to guarantee a good regrowth after planting. (we are still reluctant to ship blueberry plants in this way as we sell potgrown plants that are aleady fruiting, and it still is a lot of work to prepare these for shipping..., of coorse wehen you can convince us we might do it...).

The table below gives an overview for the average calculated costs related to the weight of the plants. Be aware we always calculate the experienced costs, so the number of plants is indicative. When we feel it is more practical and necessary we will cut back too long branches to fit in the 'standard' boxes.

Plants are packed in such a manner that they normaaly can survive a two-three week trip without damage. For that reason we only ship plants from mid November till end of February. Of course you have to plant immediately upon receipt or store them accordingly till you can plant them.

We do our utmost to pack the plants so they can start a safe journey to your garden. We ship the goods at the risk of the buyer and cannot accept any costs because of damaged goods or lost items during shipping. (see conditions). To assure you, till today all plants arrived safely with our customers, even over much longer distances...

to 2 kg
€ 12,60
€ 16,60
€ 17,80
to 5 kg
€ 14,00
€ 17,80
€ 18,60
to 10 kg
€ 16,10
€ 19,40
€ 21,40
to 20 kg
€ 18,30
€ 24,30
€ 27,30









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