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Gooseberries are cultivated mainly for use in industry. We will (at this time) not cover this subject.
- frozen
- dried
- in alcohol
- as wine/champagne
- as jam
- as pectine extract

Our favourite recipies:

Gooseberry clafoutis

For 8 personsá:

160 g flour
150 g granulated sugar
5 g vanilla sugar
3 eggs
╝ l milk
30 g butter or margarine
500 g gooseberries
(a sniff salt)

Stirr the eggs with the flour, the sugar and the vanillasugar till a smooth homogenous mix without clots.
Mix with the milk (and add salt).
Melt the butter slowly and mix through the mash.
Fill a pie shell with the clean gooseberries (wash them, let dry again and remove stems and flower rests) and pour the mix over the berries.
Put this in a preheated four at 200 ░C for 45 minutes.
Keep an eye on the backing clafoutis. When the top bakes to much, cover it with a sheet of aluminumfoil.
Serve warmish or cold, with a clotted cream topping upon your liking.

Gooseberrie pie

100 g margarine or butter
75 g sugar
5 g vanilla sugar
2 eggs
175 g flour
1 teaspoon backing powder
(a sniff salt)

for the topping:
600 g gooseberries
2 egg whites
100 g sugar

Soften the butter gently and add the sugar, vanilla sugar and the eggs. Mix rapidly with the flour and backing powder.
Put the dough in a buttered springform (22-26 cm) or a pie shell and smoothen the top.
Top with slightly stewed gooseberries. Put in a preheated oven for 30 minutes at 200 ░C.
Whisk the egg whites stiff and add the sugar to it in small quantities.
Divide the stiffly beaten egg white with a spoon in small parts and put on the pie. Bake another 15 minutes at the same temperature.